About Barbara Usack, CHES:

IMG_1956 - Pink HB

I am a student of life who is passionate about learning and sharing, and I understand the value of good health and wellness.  What do we have if we don’t have good health?!  I combined my personal passion for health and wellness with my need to share and educate others by earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health Education.  I became certified as a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) in October 2013.  

I believe:

  • Balance, moderation, and variety are essential for true health and happiness.
  • Each and every person is more similar to each other than different.
  • Each person is an individual with different wants, needs, and different chemical makeups (no matter how slight), so it is important that we find what works for each of us.
  • Everything is connected.  Our bodies, minds, and spirits, and in a way we are connected with each other.
  • Every single choice we make affects us (and those around us) in one way or another.

It is my desire to touch upon all aspects of improving health and preventing illness, one thought, one small step, one day, at a time.

I welcome your honest feedback and encourage sharing and comments.  *Constructive* criticism can be very effective.  I believe that words are powerful, so I suggest that we all choose them wisely.  <smile>

2 thoughts on “About Barbara Usack, CHES:

  1. Karen McCarthy

    Hi Barbara, I just googled your blog and am reading some of your posts, while I’m home stuck inside with the latest horrid snow blast. Your post about how you’ll spend Valentine’s day with your daughter (cell phones off..wow!) really inspired me. I am very health conscious and am always looking for inspiration, so I look forward to more of your blog. Thanks, Karen McCarthy


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